The Final Frontier

Thank Yous
As it is with any effort, I would not have been able to create this fanlisting without the help of a few wonderful resources. First of all, thank you to NASA for providing the image resources for this fanlisting. All images used were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and can be viewed in their full glory at NASA's website.

The icons used for the member list and statistics were provided by Flaticon and created by Freepik, Daniel Bruce and SimpleIcon.

Misaki is the wonderful host of my collective and of this fanlisting. Thank you, Misaki! Enthusiast, the script to run this fanlisting, was written by the talented Angela. The member list of the previously approved fanlisting was kindly shared by the lovely Raine. Last but not least, an obvious thank you goes to The Fanlistings Network for creating the fanlisting community in the first place. Thank you!

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