The Final Frontier

Wait a minute, explain!
What is "Space"? So you've come here as a lover of the magnificence we can witness with our own eyes every day but aren't quite sure how to even define space? Not a problem! Space, broadly speaking, is what lies beyond our Earth's atmosphere. It is the "out there" that isn't part of our immediate environment. Compare this to the term "universe": The universe includes everything, even our Earth, so space is a slightly smaller area than the universe.

But our atmosphere thins out! Where exactly does "Space" start? Excellent question! And honestly, no one can give you an exact answer. It is, however, broadly accepted by legal standards that space starts one hundred kilometers above sea level, at the so-called Karman line. Imagine you drove on a highway straight up - it would take you about an hour to reach space!

Alright, so what is this "Space" filled with? Space is generally known as being a vacuum, filled with nothing. There are, however, still particles floating around in it, so it is not entirely empty. Of course we also have stars, planets, comets and the likes moving around.

Remind me why you are so obsessed with space? To me, space is so intersting because it is so vast and complex. There are always new things to discover. Space is the environment in which we live, in which stars are born and planets are formed, just like our Earth. It is important to understand where we live, where we came from and where we will go - and how small we are compared to what else is out there!

Have any other questions about space? I am by no means an astrophysicist so my knowledge is very limited compared to some of the brilliant minds out there. If you would like to discuss space or have any questions you think should be featured here, I would love to chat!